How Kassie colors her hair.

After mentioning on The View that I use Jolen Facial Bleach to color my hair and have since I was in the 9th grade... I became number 9 on Google's Top 20 Trends and received over 100 emails and my space messages on that subject alone.

So here is how I color my hair for everyone who asked:

I do a little at a time. Small strands of hair. Start with the underneath part first to check to see how the color comes out before you do the top part.

Depending on the darkness of your original color is the amount of time you leave it on. I'm light brown to start and I leave it on about 10 minutes. You have to gauge it yourself and don't sue me if it does not work. I'm a, Kassie

Some Tips:

1. I apply it with my fingers

2. I do it stands at a foil or wrap.

3. I do it as often as needed

4. Once the hair is light I only apply to the roots.

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