Get Naked

with Kassie DePaiva

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Kassie sings Naked from her heart and she ask fans to listen with their hearts...

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Kassie & James DePaiva
"Natural History"
on SoapNet's
2001 Valentine's Day Special

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1. You Hung the Moon .mp3 .rm
2. Weakness in Me .mp3 .rm
3. Simply Love .mp3 .rm
4. Lose Again .mp3 .rm
5. A Lesson I'll Never Learn .mp3 .rm
6. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress .mp3 .rm
7. It's Me .mp3 .rm

Natural History
(duet with James DePaiva)

.mp3 .rm
9. You've Got to Give Me Room .mp3 .rm
10. All These Years .mp3 .rm
11. Some People's Lives .mp3 .rm

Message from Kassie:

This album has been a lifetime coming. It has been a labor of love from the very beginning. Some of the songs I've written, the rest are ones I've loved and always wanted to record. They express where I've been in my life, where I'd like to be, or where I'm going. I chose them straight from the heart and sang them straight from the heart. I wanted to expose my inner self... the the title Naked. I dedicate this music to all the women who have inspired, challenged, and taught me over the years that I could be anything I wanted if I worked hard enough. Women who have given me the courage to be me. This is a woman's album and no matter where you are on your journey I hope this music will guide you home.

Listen with your heart.

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