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Dec. 14, 2011


Wow, what a time of change for me. 2011 will go down for me as a year of transitions. I sold my apartment, moved, JQ started a new school, lost my job, got it back, lost my job again, moved out of my dressing room after 18 years and now I'm saying goodbye to cast and crew members that have become my second family. As the curtain comes down on OLTL I'm reminded of all the wonderful fans that have supported this show over the years. They have encouraged me at times when I needed it most. Surprised me with gifts and letters of support.

It has been such fun to play Blair Cramer for the past 18 years. I want to celebrate the success and the long run of OLTL and Blair. It has been an extraordinary time in my life. The friendships have been life changing. I'm proud to have been a soap opera actress and if that is all I'm ever blessed to do....then that is enough for me. But I'm not one to sit still. The future looks bright to me and I feel empowered by the possibilities. I know that with my friends out there encouraging me that anything is possible. OLTL won't be the last thing on my resume'. So until we meet again.... Much love and appreciation for all your support over the last 18 years. - Kassie

Dec. 1, 2011

I have really enjoyed reading your posts and tweets these past few days. I really want the last days of OLTL to be great for everyone that has devoted their hearts to watching and therefore become BIG fans of Blair and TnB over the years. Last night I watched an hour of various Youtube clips... Who knew there were so many "Todd Manning Part bla bla bla" segments. Oh my.... but after watching I understood why so many viewers have returned to watch again. Todd and Blair are fascinating to watch. Many of the episodes I didn't even remember shooting.

I, now in hind sight, can understand the rooting factor for these two lost souls to find each other. They both had their own tormented past but found comfort and understanding in each others presence. It was very moving at times to watch. Because it was so long ago and I felt so personally removed from that young woman on the screen... I felt I was watching for the first time. I now understand the impact this "super couple" had on the canvas of OLTL as well as the devoted fans that got on board the Llanview train.

As the show comes to an end I look forward to hearing your comments and I hope I can shed some light on the scenes as they draw to the end. Let me know what you are thinking. - Kassie