Kassie needs your help for her next video!

Kassie's making a video for the song "Too Little" that's all about you - the fans! The idea for the video is simple, she wants you to setup a video camera or digital camera and record yourself singing along to her song "Too Little". She wants to see you, your kids, your family, friends, co-workers, and any and everybody who wants to sing along! We will be taking video submissions for the next 3 weeks, until October 17, 2007.

We want to see you singing any place that seems fun! It could be the kitchen, back yard, church, work, mall, music store, bar, or any other point of interest in your city or town.

We'll take the videos, edit them together and will premiere the video online on YouTube and MySpace in late-October.

What's in it for you? Easy! First, the footage you shoot has a good chance of ending up in the video! The fans with the top 3 fan videos, as chosen by Kassie and her label will receive an autographed microphone! Finally, every fan who makes it in the video will receive an autographed photo by celebrity photographer Robert Ascroft (Sarah Jessica Parker, Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz)!

We're all super excited about the video and hope that you are too!

Here are basic instructions on how to setup, record, edit, and upload a video to YouTube. If you need further help, you can email Ben at Sage Island through kassie@sageemail.com. Sage Island will overseeing this contest.


When you're getting ready to record yourself, there are two really important things to consider: framing and lighting. Framing refers to how you look when the video is played back. Make sure that we can see your face! We want to see you singing! If others are in the video too, make sure we can see them! You can film yourself at an angle, while moving, etc. but make sure we can see you!

The second thing to think about is lighting. You want a lot of light, but not so much that everything looks white, like the light is making everything too bright. Feel free to film yourself somewhere in your home or apartment. But you can also get creative! We want to see a piece of your life. Take your camera to your favorite bar and sing it there! Go to work or church or to a park and film there too! Remember, this is YOUR video, so be as creative as you like. If you'd rather just turn on the camera and sing to it in your bedroom, that's okay too. :)

We would prefer that you sing either to the CD version of "Too Little" but if you have an mp3 player and want to film yourself singing to the song in public, listening to the song with earphones in completely acceptable too.


If you're using a digital camera, this will be a snap. Just connect your camera to your computer and download the video file according to the instructions that came with your camera.

If you have a video camera, this might be more difficult. Most modern video cameras have something called Firewire. Firewire is the method for getting video from your camera into your computer (and also the name of the cable that attaches the camera to the computer). Your camera might also have a USB plug for a USB cable. If this is the case, you do not have to use this, as cameras only transfer video over Firewire. If you don't feel comfortable using computers, this might be a good time to ask your computer savvy friends or relatives for some help. You will need to use a video capture program to get the video on your computer. If you use Windows there is a free program called Windows Movie Maker. You can find it by clicking the Start button, then All Programs. In your list will be Windows Movie Maker. When you open the program you should see a menu on the left hand side of the screen and the first option is "Capture from video device". Click the link and follow the instructions to get the video onto your computer.


The beginning of this process is straightforward.

1. go to http://www.youtube.com

2. If you have an account, login with your username and password. If you do not have an account yet, click the "Sign Up" button that is at the top of the page. Follow the instructions to sign up and then login to YouTube.

3. Now that you are logged into YouTube click the "Upload" link in the upper right hand corner of the page.

4. Fill out the short form on this page. You can name your video and put in any description you'd like. In the 'tags' field, please copy and paste the line below into the field.

kassie depaiva 5 points too little music fan video

5. Under "Video Category", select "Music".

6. The last three sections: Broadcast Options, Date and Map Options, and Sharing Options can all be left blank.

7. There are two buttons at the bottom of the screen. Click the button that says "Upload a video". On the next screen you will see a button that says "Browse". Click the button then navigate to where you saved the file on your computer. Select the file and then click the "Upload Video" button. YouTube will upload your video and you should see it on the site within an hour. All you need to do now is wait for the video to finish uploading. Then, you've done it!


Once your video is uploaded to YouTube, go to your page and copy the link. Email it to Sage Island! You can send the link to kassie@sageemail.com. You can also copy the "Embed" code (typically found below the video itself) and past it into the comments section of Kassie's MySpace page. Then we can all see your video!

If you run into problems uploading your video you can also mail it to us. We will be accepting video submissions through October 17, 2007 at the following address:

Sage Island
c/o Ben Snyder
PO Box 1170
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480-0613

Be sure to write KASSIE DEPAIVA FAN VIDEO CONTEST on the package!

And remember, whether you upload your video or send it in, make sure we have your email address! That's the only way we will be able to contact you!

We're really excited to see you singing along to "Too Little". And remember, we want YOU, so don't feel bad if you're not very technical. I'm here to help. If you have questions, be sure to email Sage Island at kassie@sageemail.com! This email address is for Kassie's "Too Little" Fan Video Contest only. For all other inquarities email Kassie at kassie@kassiedepaiva.com.

Good luck and good singing!


"Too Little"
(Michael Post / Fred Wilhelm)

I used to sleep on Saturday morning 'till half past ten

And every dollar I made was one I'd spend

Every night out having fun, grocery shopping just once a month

But I wouldn't trade what I have now for then


I've got too little money, too little time

Too much laundry hangin' on the line

Too little sleep, too much to do

Could complain but I've got little reason to

I love my life just the way it is

With one good man and two little kids

With the kids asleep behind their bedroom doors

We split a beer and watch the stars from our front porch

With his hand holding mine, I smile and close my eyes

I know that I couldn't ask for more


Someday I'll have time to rest and save a little cash

Look back at the good ol day's when we had


With one good man and two little kids

Published by W.B.M. Music Corp. (SESAC) and Megarich Music (SESAC). All rights on behalf of itself and Megarich Music administered by W.B.M. Music Corp. / Encore Entertainment d.b.a Mr. Noise Music (BMI)