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At Home With
The DePaiva's

Soap Opera Weekly
August 3, 1999

Dreama, James, Kassie, & J.Q. DePaiva
The bobcat, James points out, isoutfitted with
attachments that allow him to "build roads, clear paths,
and grind up stomps."

Kassie & James DePaiva

Remember that commercial where the mother would say, "That`s OK," whenever one of the kids spilled something on the rug? That pretty much sums up Kassie DePaiva`s (Blair, OLTL) attitude about the vacation home she has owned since 1989.

My point of having a country home is low maintenance Kassie says of the salt box-style house located in the New York Catskill Mountains, which she shares with her husband and co-star James DePaiva (Max). I have things that children can play on, and if Kool-Aid is spilled, it is no big deal. If red wine is spilled, it is no big deal. It is family friendly and vacation friendly. I wanted to fell as comfortable as possible.

Kassie, who says James leaves most of the decorating up to her, doesn`t stick to any one place when buying home furnishings. " I bought my area rug from a catalog. I bought my leather sofa from a store in the mountain area. The entertainment center came from New York City," She bought a bed for Dreama,7 __ James` daughter from a previous marriage ___ for $5 at a Vermont yard sale. "We came home, sanded all the rust off and spray painted it black.

"When they`re not outside, the DePaiva`s can be found relaxing in the living room. James likes to cuddle and read stories with the children in the leather chair that once belonged to his father.

"During the winters, the family __which also includes James and Kassie`s 2-year-ols son J.Q. __ likes to ski. In warmer weather, "We spend a great deal of tome on the husbands. "He helps clean up, but I do most of the cooking." James is handy around the house though; according to Kassie he does "guy stuff," such as fixing things and helping to maintain their 60-acrea property. Kassie,,who says she likes to "play house," is always on the lookout for a "little thing that I think might fit in. I like to switch things around every now and again. Each year you are in a new place in your life, and you look around and you either want to change things or you are happy where you are."

On top of the entertainment center are some of the
curios and knick-knacks Kassie has acquired. Accented
in rich colors, the dining area is in keeping with the
home`s casual comfort.

James works in his
workshop in the garage.
His latest project is a
puppet theater for the kids.
"I also like to be able to fix
anything that goes wrong."

Kassie and James
take advantage of
their romantic view
from the top of a hill.
The background is part
of the 60 acreas they own.
"I think the beauty of our
home is not the interior,
but the exteroior,"Kassie
observes."It is up in the
mountains and all very wooded.

Kassie's Favorite Thing

Kassie collects prints and dishes decorated with red
(a.k.a. Oriental) poppies. I have always had an eye for
them. I have an Aunt Kassie, whom I`m named after, who
has a very large collection of red poppies.& Allthough the
quilt on the bed is store__bought, Kassie also has some
quilts handmade by Aunt Kassie. James, by the way,
collects machines__ " I`ve got four
motorcycles, " he replies.

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